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Underwater living sculptures attract marine life – and tourists.

Bay Chamber’s plan for an Underwater Sculpture Park

An underwater sculpture park – with no less than 20 living artworks that promote marine life – may be developed in the waters between Snapper Island and the Tollgates.

The proposal has been positively received by Marine Parks and is backed by the Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce as a tourist attraction linked to the already successful Sculptures on Clyde.

The park will be established on the sandy ocean floor just off the coast of Batemans Bay and will be linked by a trail of sculptures to one of the beaches between Batehaven and Surf Beach. Sculptures will sit at depths of 20 – 2metres, accessible for both divers and snorkellers by land and by boat.

The sculptures will come from a variety of sources, including from community workshops where everyone gets a chance to be artistic, make a fabulous sculpture – and then sink it! Donations of living sculptures may also come from artists or from the Sculpture on Clyde exhibitions.

The benefits to the community are equally matched by the benefits to the marine environment. In many parts of the world, underwater sculptures are creating habitat for marine life and helping the recovery of destroyed coral reefs.

Sculpture for Clyde